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    Lauren Leduc Lemieux worked in a beautiful setting for 18 years, and she is certain many would describe her choice to leave the family business in January 2013, as a midlife crisis, yet her desire to leave was actually born the day she started. Lauren is the creator of Coaching To Fulfill Dreams providing Whole Life Coaching to humans who are stuck in a rut, professionally or personally, and craving the courage, confidence and clarity to begin loving their life, instead of just tolerating it. She believes we all should trust the discontent we feel and that the notion of feeling obligated is an illusion. The “have tos” or “shoulds” are designed to make you feel you have no choice, when you always most certainly do.

    Recognizing how limiting beliefs paralyze and thoughts of inferiority create stagnation are the first steps to break free of those stories and aspire to reach and exceed one’s potential. Executive coaching becomes about identifying strengths, appreciating values and understanding emotions in a whole new way. Emotions are information.

    Executive coaching is an intentional investment for the opportunity to experience personal and professional development and growth. Coaching engagements provide the time and space to be vulnerable and open. When feeling uncertain or discontent, the choice becomes whether to ignore it, or trust it and become curious about it. In those moments, choosing to be with those emotions without judgment is when the revelations come to be.

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    Sessions are virtual, unless other arrangements are made.